Stephen Isley Jewelry

Who We Are

"Experience Montana's Finest"

Walking through the European style door of Stephen Isley Jewelry is certainly a delight for visitors. Located in the picturesque town of Whitefish, Montana, the gallery has become a destination in itself. As artists, Stephen Isley and his wife, Cindy Just are deeply inspired by the majesty of Glacier National Park and the surrounding Flathead Valley.

Stephen grew up in Southern California, a stimulating environment for a young boy in the 1950's. He would pass a jewelry design studion and watch through the windows as the jewelers applied their craft. Stephen knew then, that he would do this for a living.

In the early 70's, Stephen and a friend took a road trip to Montana. His heart was lost to the beautiful glaciers and the carefree life style. He purchased property, built a home, extablished his jewelry design business and became part of the small, close knit community of Whitefish. By 1983, Stephen was a full time Montanan.

Stephen first met his wife, Cindy in 1988. At the time she was an apprentice silversmith and designer. Through the next ten years their relationship grew into a partnership of love and respect that was strong enough to bring his dream of owning a gallery to life.

Being members of a strong art community allows Stephen and Cindy to represent many regional artists and different art mediums in the gallery. Hand blown glass, raku pottery, original paintings, and lodge furnishings are examples of the Montana experience. They have created an inviting atmosphere with texture, color, and sound, which makes customers feel welcome.

Stephen has a passion for sapphire that is mined in Montana. He carries the finest collection of Montana Sapphires in the world. Stephen has taken many years to cultivate a close working relationship with two different mines. He buys directly from these mines and insists upon having his choice of the best quality and quantity. Montana Sapphires come from the Rock Creek Mine in Southwestern Montana. This mine is known for beautiful sapphires in a rainbow of colors. The Montana Yogo Sapphire is a rare, all natural sapphire mined in the Yogo Gulch located in Central Montana. The cornflower blue color of the Montana Yogo Sapphire reflects Montana's majestic beauty. Many experts consider the Montana Yogo Sapphire to be the finest sapphire in the world.