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Montana Yogo Sapphire Heart Pendant

Montana Yogo Sapphire Heart Pendant.  This heart shaped pendant was custom made for a specific customer, a mother who gave birth to twin girls.  It was designed as 3 hearts in one featuring cornflower blue, pear cut Montana Yogo Sapphires.  The largest filigree heart has a .53 CT Yogo Sapphire and is surrounded by 34 diamonds, which weigh .66 TCW. 

Two smaller hearts can be detached as seperate pendants for the twins in the future.  Each has a .34CT Yogo Sapphire and 20 diamonds.  These two sapphires weigh a total of .68 TCW and the 40 diamonds weigh a total of .23 TCW. 

The pendant is crafted in 14K White Gold and is an exquisite example of the art and quality of Stephen Isley.  Truly one of a kind piece.

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