Stephen Isley Jewelry

How We Work

"We create designs to fit your life style"

Our goal is to work with you on a personal level to create fine jewelry that can pass the test of time. Be sure to brouse our "Portfolio of Custom Work" gallery on this web site for our past creations. This may provide some inspiration in your planning.

To start a custom project with us simply visit our design gallery in Whitefish, or of course, call or email with your idea. You may have your own design concept or you can let Stephen create a design that will meet all your expectations.

We will start with hand renderings. When the design concept is agreed upon, we proceed with the production of the piece. The customer follows us through the process. This ensures you will be satisfied with your custom designed jewelry,

There are 3 possible methods that we use in production:

The first method is called Lost Wax Casting. This process begins with the carving of a special wax you approve before we cast it. Upon approval, the wax is secured in a cylinder and invested with a substance similar to plaster of Paris, which creates an airtight mold around the wax. Once the investment is set, we use a centrifuge machine to force molten metal into the investment. The hot metal burns away the wax and is condensed into the mold by centrifugal force. After cooling it is ready for the buffing room, where it is cleaned, polished and set with gemstones.

The second method is Hand Forging. Hand forging is an old world technique similar to blacksmithing. The metal is worked by hand, using saws, mallets, dremel tools and hammers. It might sound like a crude technique but it is amazing what a practiced hand can accomplish.

Our workshop is well appointed with state-of-the-art equipment. The third method utilizes CAD CAM (Computer Assisted Design modeling). With this advanced technology, we create a 3 dimensional computer model of your perfect piece. Upon your acceptance of the design, the computer actually carves the wax to begin the casting process.

Our attention to detail and the quality of our work results in custom jewelry which is aesthetically pleasing in every way. All of our pieces have a beautiful, hand crafted quality to them and the fact that they are unique and made especially for you, makes them priceless.